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John Anglis

John Anglis is an accomplished entrepreneur. In addition to helping sales people all over the country, John still owns and operates his thriving remodeling enterprise in suburban Connecticut. This keeps him active and relevant, which is a rarity among those in the consulting arena. John has built his business on a unique sales methodology that has proven to increase closing ratios, while at the same time elevate customer satisfaction. John’s conversational approach to selling appeals to a larger audience because of his focus on ushering prospects to “want” to buy, instead of trying to “force” them to buy. Although most selling techniques can be traced back to a select group of experts, John understands that it is not just those techniques that help close orders, but one’s ability to fully understand and execute those techniques that makes all the difference. That is why John’s training centers around effectively articulating key selling fundamentals and nurturing their flawless delivery.
As a proven professional with over two decades of home improvement experience, John has learned that it is much easier to sell when you have properly primed the prospect to want what you’re selling!

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John discusses a different topic every month that is sure to increase your company’s profits by updating and refining your team’s selling techniques. Take advantage of the experience and expertise that John can bring you fresh from his recent triumphs in the field. Download my brochure!

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