CareFree University

Dedicated to teaching business owners how to MAKE YOUR BUSINESS WORK FOR YOU instead of working FOR your business! 


Where most “Industry experts” don’t own their own businesses, and offer training or advise that they won’t be accountable for the results of, John Anglis actually practices what he preaches in his own successful, almost 2 decades old home improvements company in CT. 

This makes him unique in that he shares what is working IN HIS OWN BUSINESS, TODAY, rather than what may have worked decades ago. The result: CareFree University! 

  • Send your sales people to the CFU campus to learn John’s conversational approach to selling.
  • Discover how to create and implement a winning culture.
  • Run real leads with John’s salespeople who are implementing John’s system, and having tremendous success!
  • Send your marketing team to work in the bullpen of CareFree corporate Setting and confirming appointments for our sales team!
  • Send your product promoters to work with our field marketing team making leads at BJ’s Wholesale Club’s, shows or events! 
  • Send your production managers to observe John’s production manager and discover how to systemize your installation department!
  • Owners can come to Connecticut to see first hand how to develop systems in each department to ensure harmony, growth and profitability.

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