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About John Anglis

As a senior at New Britain high school in the early 1990’s, John began to pave his path in the home improvement industry. His first job was that of telemarketer, assigned to book in-home sales visits by cold calling through the White Pages. After a few short months John was promoted to manage the call center and within a year from that time, still a baby- faced teenager, he found himself selling at kitchen table with a 50% closing ratio and has never looked back!

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In 2000, John  started his company, CareFree Home Pros in Connecticut. The only problem was - John didn’t really own the business. It owned him. As the company’s dominant salesperson for many years, John knew he needed to spend more time working ON his business rather than IN it - he just couldn’t seem to find another “John” to replace him as the #1 salesperson.

In late 2008, he discovered the need for SYSTEMS to replicate HIS success in sales to help him get off the road to grow his business. He spent the next 5 years systemizing his sales process, while continuing to do everything else including selling. From 2003 to 2012, John's company sold an average of 1.2 mm in revenue only to suffer a setback in 2013 selling only $878k where he contemplated giving up.

In 2015, it all changed when John had his breakthrough year selling a record $1.8 Million (the best part - he was responsible for selling only 5% of the revenue). John then built and implemented systems in the rest of his business that consistently resulted in double-digit growth year after year, hitting nearly $10 million in revenue in 2021 with a 20% net profit (after his salary and benefits)!

Most importantly, John was able to get off the hamster wheel and gain the freedom he originally wanted from his business. By 2016, he was semi-retired, working only 1/2 day per week, running the business through his leadership team. In fact, John didn't even have an office in the building!

in 2021 John moved to sunny Florida, while continuing to run the business through his leadership team 1/2 day per week, and in that year, the business nearly doubled its revenue WITHOUT HIM - all the while, still maintaining the highest marks from consumer advocacy groups, like the Better Business Bureau and many others.

By systemizing his business, John was able to successfully sell CareFree Home Pros in 2023. Now, John is on a mission to help other home improvement entrepreneurs systemize their business and achieve the freedoms they desire.

What They're Saying

"I have known John Anglis since 2011, when he was a business owner who went from a one-man-show working 80+ hours a week, struggling to get off of the hamster wheel… to the owner of very profitable (very), fast growing multi-million dollar company that he works in one day a week. He’s done this by creating a SYSTEM for selling that delivers CONSISTENT, predictable results. I dare say he has the presentation down to a science that is so good, that I have recommended him to my own clients!"
Brian Kaskavalciyan
The Wealthy Contractor
"After traveling from coast to coast to work with direct sales organizations in the home remodeling industry it became apparent that John Anglis was perhaps the most talented of the trainers I have come across. His consumer friendly approach to closing sales is modern and refreshing. His ability to help others grasp his unique process is perhaps more impressive. I would recommend John Anglis to anyone in search of refining their sales process or sharpening their sales abilities!"
Tony Hoty
Tony Hoty Training & Consulting
"Working with John and CareFree University has been one of the best business investments I’ve made. He helped our company develop and implement a 10 step sales system that helped us double our revenue in 2019."
John Kolbaska
The Men With Tools
"In 2008 I worked for John in the capacity of sales manager. Even though I was already selling at a $2 million a year level I recognized how revolutionary and effective Johns sales techniques were. I spent hours and hours listening to him to become an even better salesperson.
Being from Ireland I have a low bs threshold. I get aggravated with all the outdated information that permeates our industry. John offers an approach that is fresh and prevalent to today’s economic environment. So effective that I continually hire him to speak with my own reps who rave about his step by step easy to follow sales strategies.
The marketplace is littered with sales gurus but very few can actually walk the walk and sell in the house. As someone who has seen him in action at the kitchen table John is the exception, he can successfully teach others to do what he can do. Closing at a very high percentage and then having the ability to transfer this knowledge to others is indeed a rarity in our industry. Whether you have heard of him or not, as an owner of a successful home improvement company myself I can strongly attest to his amazing ability."
Ger Ronan
Yankee Home Improvement
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