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John Anglis in action


John Anglis systems are designed BY a home improvement business owner FOR home improvement business owners - and their teams. Check out the systems below. You’re sure to find the right one to help you overcome what’s holding you back in YOUR business.

John Anglis in action
For each of these systems, I carefully constructed, tested and tweaked them until they worked in MY home improvement business. I was able to semi-retire and operate my Connecticut-based home improvement business from Florida until I successfully sold it in 2023.
John Anglis, The Anglis Group

8 Step Recruiting Filtration System

This Is For You IF:
  • You don’t have a recruiting SYSTEM, you’re simply posting job ads and praying for a top producer.
  • You’re spending TONS of time sifting through job applicants and only relying on your instincts, but they fail you.
  • You’re tired of hiring people only to find out they’re NOT the right fit after hours of training and wasted leads.
  • You’re ready to hire a rockstar team who can run your business WITHOUT you.

7 Step Appointment Setting System

computer learning
This Is For You IF:
  • Your marketing costs are too high.
  • You don’t have a system in place to maximize lead conversions.
  • You and/or a multitude of people are taking calls but everyone is saying something different.
  • You are NOT mining the gold of older unconverted leads, making REHASH calls of demo no sales, or existing customers in your database.

10 Step Selling System

computer learning
This Is For You IF:
  • You’re the ONLY salesperson in your company, OR you have 5 or less salespeople.
  • You have salespeople, but training them is taking up too much of your time. You need to be able to RUN your business while training new salespeople at the same time.
  • You need a more streamlined approach to sales training so you’re not recreating the wheel every time.
  • You feel like you’re held hostage by “Talented Terrors” in your business who can sell ice to an eskimo - and they KNOW it.

In-Home Presentation System

sales presentation
This Is For You IF:
  • You’re the ONLY salesperson in your company, OR you have 5 or less salespeople.
  • You want to hire other salespeople and need a trainable presentation.
  • You need a trainable presentation that projects maximum value for homeowners and differentiates you from your competitors.
  • You have a product or company presentation that's too hard to follow, hard to edit, and  your sales team either hates it or doesn't consistently follow it.
  • You have multiple salespeople all saying something different at the kitchen table. As a result, installers find it difficult to keep the promises of the sales team - affecting your customer satisfaction and creating competing silos in your business. This means YOU have to get involved more than you'd like.
  • You’re ready for more streamlined, predictable sales results in your business.
All of the systems offered by The Anglis Group are tested in real home improvement businesses before being offered to you, so you don’t have to worry about being someone’s guinea pig. 
They’re made for REAL business owners, REAL teams, and designed to work on REAL customers.
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What They're Saying

"I have known John Anglis since 2011, when he was a business owner who went from a one-man-show working 80+ hours a week, struggling to get off of the hamster wheel… to the owner of very profitable (very), fast growing multi-million dollar company that he works in one day a week. He’s done this by creating a SYSTEM for selling that delivers CONSISTENT, predictable results. I dare say he has the presentation down to a science that is so good, that I have recommended him to my own clients!"
Brian Kaskavalciyan
The Wealthy Contractor
"After traveling from coast to coast to work with direct sales organizations in the home remodeling industry it became apparent that John Anglis was perhaps the most talented of the trainers I have come across. His consumer friendly approach to closing sales is modern and refreshing. His ability to help others grasp his unique process is perhaps more impressive. I would recommend John Anglis to anyone in search of refining their sales process or sharpening their sales abilities!"
Tony Hoty
Tony Hoty Training & Consulting
"Working with John and CareFree University has been one of the best business investments I’ve made. He helped our company develop and implement a 10 step sales system that helped us double our revenue in 2019."
John Kolbaska
The Men With Tools
"In 2008 I worked for John in the capacity of sales manager. Even though I was already selling at a $2 million a year level I recognized how revolutionary and effective Johns sales techniques were. I spent hours and hours listening to him to become an even better salesperson.
Being from Ireland I have a low bs threshold. I get aggravated with all the outdated information that permeates our industry. John offers an approach that is fresh and prevalent to today’s economic environment. So effective that I continually hire him to speak with my own reps who rave about his step by step easy to follow sales strategies.
The marketplace is littered with sales gurus but very few can actually walk the walk and sell in the house. As someone who has seen him in action at the kitchen table John is the exception, he can successfully teach others to do what he can do. Closing at a very high percentage and then having the ability to transfer this knowledge to others is indeed a rarity in our industry. Whether you have heard of him or not, as an owner of a successful home improvement company myself I can strongly attest to his amazing ability."
Ger Ronan
Yankee Home Improvement